Monday, February 18, 2019

Ms. Tech-Challenged makes a fool of herself, again :)

On Thu, Feb 7, 2019 at 4:55 PM Real Name < e-mail > wrote:
Some of us who are too tech-challenged to figure out how to download podcasts onto our smartphones (or who fall asleep on the subway when listening to lectures :) ) have a real problem trying to listen to recordings on the Hadar website--the recordings have no "time-elapsed bar," or whatever that's called.  Instead, we have to work with the "round timer" (for lack of a better description) the way a blind person works using an analog clock as a model--just as one can tell a blind person that the fork is located on the table in front of her "at 7 o'clock,"  so, too, I'm trying to remember that I paused Rabbi Tucker's "Sharing Burdens Equally in a World without Adjuncts" at about "5 o'clock." Is there any way that you (or perhaps another technology expert at Hadar) can replace all of those impossible-to-work-with "donut timers" with real "time-elapsed bars, instead, so that we low-tech Hadar enthusiasts can stop playing guessing games regarding how far we're gotten in a recording?  It would be so much easier to know that I can re-start a recording at, for example, the 1 hour and 12 minute mark.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Feb 10, 2019, 12:56 PM
In case my description, "time-elapsed bar," wasn't clear enough, just click on Adon Olam to see what I mean, and enjoy!

In case you're curious to see and/or hear what I was writing about, here's the lecture in question.

It wasn't until almost a week later that it dawned on me what my real problem was:  No one listens to podcasts directly from the original website--those who can't, or don't want to, download podcasts to their smartphones simply download them to their computers, instead!  (Duh!)  So I downloaded the podcast to my computer--and couldn't find it.  "Check your Downloads folder," said our son.  (Double Duh!  Feel free to insert a "roll-eyes" emoticon here :) .)  I opened my Downloads folder and tried to save the file.  Um, where was I going to put it?  The only place I could think of was my Desktop, so I moved it there, clicked--and got a Groove Music pop-up "window," (or whatever that is) that showed just about every CD from my personal collection that I'd ever copied to my computer.  The lecture, however, was not anywhere where I could find it.

Take 2:  I created a new folder named "Lectures, etc (non-music audio & video files)," and moved Rabbi Tucker's lecture into that folder.  Finally, I could find it!  But when I clicked on it, I just got that darned Groove Music window again!

Take 3:  I right-clicked on Rav Tucker's lecture, clicked on "Play with Windows Media Player," and voila--there was Rav Tucker's voice, and the lecture came complete with the requested "time-elapsed" bar!

Try not to laugh too hard.



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